Happy Women's Day. This song is just for us!

Here it is. Ladies.... Apple Eater! A song specifically for us. It's a very blatantly anti patriarchy song. I know it could push a few buttons for some people. It was inspired by an FB argument with a Baptist preacher. I was trying to express my personal concerns with the fact that every major religion on the planet, tends to undervalue, and condescend to women. At one point he got upset with me and called me a "man hating, women's libber.... APPLE EATER!"

I'm sure he made up the phrase in the moment.First thing... he just proved EVERYTHING I was trying to say. (In his defense, he did realize his mistake, and apologized profusely.) Second thing... YES! I am and Apple Eater! I think Eve chose pain and chaos, knowing that we'd be stuck, spoiled, and under-evolved without it! She embodied the true wisdom of women. Plus, it's a damned fine song title. I believe that the deepest root and cause of women's inequality, is that we are told from the moment we're born that we have no spiritual power. How can that possibly be true? Life come through US onto this planet... and I can think of absolutely nothing more spiritual.

This is a song about women owning our power, and using the right's we've fought so hard to get. This is NOT a song about hating men! I love men. It is a song about hating the Patriarchy. Which is actually bad for EVERYONE, men included. So ladies "We are Power, We are HER, We are Apple Eater!"

You all know someone who needs to hear this message, so PLEASE share! Let's get this rollin'.

#appleeaterwp #Womenspower #Feminism #FemininePower #DivineFeminine #themagickal

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